Developing your Primary Care Network: What’s Next?


So, your draft Network Agreements have been submitted but what happens next? Between now and the 30th June your PCN practices will need to agree on and complete the remaining schedules of the network agreement, as required;

  • Schedule 2 – operational detail of the PCN
  • Schedule 3 – agreed activities and responsibilities of the PCN Membership
  • Schedule 4 – financial arrangements
  • Schedule 5 – PCN workforce and how this will be run across the network
  • Schedule 6 – insolvency events
  • Schedule 7 – (not likely to be necessary this year) how PCNs will work with other local organisations

Once all of this has been agreed and signed off by the CCG, you should commence recruitment for the additional roles and make changes as agreed. PCNs will go ‘live’ from 1 July 2019!

We, at Primary Care Direct, have everything you need to transform, grow and develop your PCN. Through our hand-selected consortium of primary care specialists, you’ll find all the guidance and advice you require, conveniently in one place – saving time, money and resources.

And because every business is different, we’re proud to tailor our services entirely around you; whether that’s on a CCG-wide, network or at practice level. From pay-as-you-go to ongoing support, you’ll find our services are convenient, quick and ready when you are.

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