‘One Stop’ Service to Develop Primary Care Networks

A ‘One Stop’ Service to Develop Primary Care Networks

Under the General Practice Contract DES, in order to qualify for the funding practices must join together into networks and appoint a Clinical Director/Lead by 15th May 2019.  From July 2019, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) will need to work towards seven service specifications based on the aims of the NHS Long Term Plan and employ a Pharmacist and Social Prescriber, which will be fully funded.

It is changing world for primary care where many practices are requiring help and we have been providing this support to practices, newly formed  and established groupings, CCGs and NHS England.

How Can We Help?

We, at Primary Care Direct, have extensive experience in supporting practices to work at scale, for example we have recently been commissioned by NHS England to support all of their 368 practices in Cheshire and Merseyside in developing their PCNs using our unique ‘one stop shop’ approach.  Through our consortium members including Agencia, Capsticks Solicitors, BHP Chartered Accountants and DKJ Support Services and our other Associate Members we can provide bespoke advice and guidance in developing PCNs from start to finish, covering every aspect such as legal, finance, workforce, communications and business planning, all in one place. 

Some of the areas where we have supported practices have included;

  • Hosting seminars and workshops to discuss the legal, financial, workforce and business implications of PCNs and how to overcome these to develop successful networks.
  • Starting or facilitating advanced discussions with practices within a PCN patch to determine the vision and values of the network.
  • Considering the impact of existing Federations, Memorandum of Understandings and other collaborative agreements and what this means in the ‘new world’
  • Developing the PCN and MDT teams so that they meet the needs of the combined practice population including the roles of Clinical Director/Leads and Social Prescribers
  • Discussion regarding who will hold the funding and what type of legal entity is required to do this and employ staff across the network.

For further information and an informal discussion, please contact Kiran Johnson at kiranjohnson@agencialtd.com or 01482 649900.