Painkiller Addiction Crisis – Agencia offers ‘Rewire’ solution to help you identify those most at risk and engage them in treatment

The risk of addiction to painkiller medication (Opioid Analgesic Dependence, OAD) is significant.  Research in South Gloucestershire indicated that 50-75 patients per 1,000 registered with a practice were at risk and the highest numbers were associated with deprived areas.  Agencia have developed a highly effective programme called Rewire ( to identify those most at risk and engage them in an appropriate treatment regime.  As public awareness of this issue rises, now is the time for GPs’ to be proactive and take steps to assess the situation within their own practice.

For those who have signed up to Primary Care Direct’s enhanced PCD monthly subscription (, Agencia is making an exclusive offer to GP Practices to undertake the diagnostic exercise for £750.  As a result, you will be able to identify those most at risk of addiction to painkillers, which will assist you to determine what, if any further treatment service you may wish to introduce.


Since 2015, Agencia has been a leading contributor to developing strategies to reduce the risk from Opioid Analgesic Dependence (OAD) caused by both prescribed and over-the-counter medication.  Our work led to an award at the RGCP Substance Misuse conference in 2016 and has also enabled us to obtain a grant from Public Health England to fund the creation of a dedicated OAD Centre in North Lincolnshire.

To purchase the ‘Rewire’ diagnostic exercise, or to find out more, please contact  We have seen our programme save and change lives and would love to share our experience and expertise.